Our Goals And Projects

  • To demonstrate the love of Christ in everything we do
  • To ensure that our Community Centers enrich and bless the local community they’re a part of
  • To encourage the buy-in and support from local businesses in the capital cities we are involved with and demonstrate that poverty alleviation in one community can uplift the surrounding areas as well
  • To partner with governmental institutions as well as other public benefit organisations
  • To try alleviate poverty in South Africa
  • To promote social justice through the following initiatives:
    1. Preaching the Gospel
    2. Assisting with the immediate needs of Christian believers who are in distress
    3. Creating jobs through empowerment
    4. Developing holistic interventions with children, which include sport and cultural activities as well as caring for their basic needs
    5. Attempting to rehabilitate street children back into society
    6. Improving literacy levels among children
    7. Identifying and assisting child-headed households and bringing them hope, protection and help in their future plans
    8. Developing farmers, from previously disadvantaged communities, in the poultry, fish and vegetable sectors
    9. Responding to seasonal emergencies, where possible
    10. Providing dignity and support to women and children in distress
    11. Enhancing life skills and opportunities for school leavers
    12. Developing entrepreneurs especially in the food and fashion sectors
    13. Ministering to orphans



  • Employment creation (city clean-up)
  • Cricket Academy
  • Boxing club
  • Cultural club
  • Literacy
  • Assistance to child headed households
  • Farming development
  • Poultry farmers
  • Fish farmers
  • Tunnels
  • Vegetable farmers
  • School support
  • Feeding the desperate
  • Seasonal interventions
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Emergency aid
  • Dignity to women and children
  • Life skills
  • IT skills
  • Business development (sewing)
  • Business development (baking)
  • Life Changer – www.lifechangersa.org
  • Crisis intervention of street people
  • Ministry to orphans